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Monday, July 28, 2008

London's Western Fair is Dropping Home Arts Competitions

Western Fair has decided to drop its Home Arts Competitions due to decreasing participation. Read the Free Press article here.

I confess I haven't been to the Western Fair for 10 years, and it was only last year that I found out that they still had a quilt competition, when it was announced that some of our members had won ribbons. Could it be that the Western Fair isn't doing its job reaching out to the knitters, quilters, crochet clubs? I'd like to know how well do they promote those events? To those who have participated, how did you find out about it? I am a newer member to the guild, did the Western Fair send us entry forms? Were their forms available on their website? Why do you think there are less people entering. Our guild is growing, so it can't be that less people do quilting and crafts; the web is full of craft blogs by all ages!

Cynthia M-R says, "Last year was my 1st year to enter our own local community Western Fair. Do these people not know the demographics of the current ages...wanting persons up to the age of 30? WOW it's not only the environment changing but peoples attitudes towards traditional home grown values.During my conversation with Tina from the Western Fair, she did say that it may be brought back. As a 1st time entry I let her know how disappointed I was...Home Arts phone #519-438-7203 ext 327 maybe a call would at least help express our views on this matter, she already knows how I feel.This will be mentioned at the next LFQG meeting in September."

Barb A adds, "The disappointing aspect for me, is that there are a lot of young people outthere who do like to do Home Arts, (which takes them away from textmessaging!) and this sends a negative message to them that Home Arts are athing of the past - I think we're just getting started with a newgeneration!"

Elaine T weighs in with "Myself I had started this years entry, but when looking at the prize book, I found that there is no home arts at all. The only quilt in the whole thing is a crib quilt that is to be donated to RonaldMcDonald House. I am in the process of making a little crib quilt for the fair. I don't mind donating it, as I am helping with our own Kid's quilts. Yes I was disappointed in Western Fairs decision tonot have quilts in the fair this year. I have put thequilt that I originally started for entry on hold tofinish at a later date."

So there you have it from 3 supporters, if you think the Western Fair should not drop the Home Arts competitions, then write a letter to the editor of the Free Press and contact Tina at the Western Fair and let them know how you feel! You never know how much you miss something until it is gone!

As for me, the reason I don't go to the Western Fair? meh! Waste of money! Too high an entry fee, terrible rides, expensive, not so good food, lots of wasps, smelly animals (and whatever you do, don't step in it!)*, demos on the latest gadgets, did they even have crafts? I don't even remember... I don't think the hubby wanted to look at that part! Taking the crafts away, does not entice me to go, maybe the problem is mixing crafts with midway rides is what is keeping me away! What about you? Please add your comment by clicking on the word comments below

*actually I like the smelly animals!

New Website for Jewel Machine Quilting

Just letting you know that Beth has a new website for her machine quilting business and I have changed it on the sidebar. Please remember ladies that these businesses, on our sidebar, support the London Friendship Quilters' Guild, so please reciprocate and support these local businesses!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quilters on Vacation: Shelbourne,Markdale, Wiarton, Goderich

This email from Jacquie VMS:

Hope your summer is going well! We just returned from a travelling vacation just going wherever we felt like going! We stopped at lots of antique shops, walked along the beaches (I even sat and worked on my embroidery project on the beach in Goderich for a couple hours!). We also managed to stop at a few quilt shops. Here are pictures of two of them.

Cobwebs and Caviar in Shelbourne (just north or Orangeville)...very nice shop with great fabrics.

Quilter's Line in Markdale

Wiarton...can't remember the name of the shop, but it's part of a motel and is just north of town on the main road up to Tobermory, etc. Very nice shop as well and very friendly lady in there. Now that would have been fun! A motel room and then go shopping at the Quilt shop LOL. Unfortunately, we were just on the road, and wanted to go further on that day before getting a motel.

We also stopped at the Goderich Quilt shop, but my camera was full so couldn't take a picture there. And, we started off our vacation last week Saturday at Ginny's Premium Quilt Shoppe in Oakville where I went to a Dear Jane gathering for few hours while Jake checked out some antique shops. Unfortunately, Ginny's is closing and everything's being cleared out, so not much to see there anymore, though some great deals!

The third picture is of the goodies I picked up at the quilt shops...a little bit here and a little bit there :-).

The last two pictures are of a really cool historical plaque commemorating an anniversary of a Women's Institute along the way...can't remember where it was, but you can probably read it on the picture. They had this table set up with a teapot and pastries on a plate, chair ready to sit down! Fun.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quilters on Vacation: Picton and Belleville, Ontario

Gail M-L sends us this email and photos:

These photos were taken in Picton. There is a big quilt show there next weekend and many of the stores in town had quilts in the windows along with posters advertising the show. Unfortunately, I will miss the show, but I did enjoy seeing the quilts in the windows.

I also went to a great quilt store in Belleville where I added some stash to my stash... It was called Fun with Stitches. The last two photos were taken at the store. You can see my reflection in one of the windows as I took the picture.

I also met Greta Kristiansen-Jacobs--a quilt maker and fibre artist who has a studio in her home near Picton. I was not allowed to take any pictures in her studio but I did pick up a brochure. She specializes in American Beauty quilts and does trunk shows and workshops. She recently taught at Quilt Canada in Nfld; her quilts were beautiful and made with brightly coloured fabric.